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Meet our new vice captain - Suraj Karusala
By: Staff - Date: 10/09/2020

Growing up in Ongole India, from a young age Suraj was immersed in the rich culture of cricket. His father’s love and participation in the sport encouraged him to start playing when he was 11 years old. He started out by playing for the district team and he was eventually selected to represent his state (Andhra Pradesh) in under 15, under 17, and under 19 competitions.


Suraj moved to America 5 years ago and has spent time living and playing in Texas and Chicago before moving to Florida last year. Knowing he would want to join a team when he moved, he began his search for a great team to play with and was recommended to check our team out. Apart from cricket, he spends his time playing tennis, badminton and cooking. 


In our recent elections, he did well in gathering 11 votes and was given the position of Vice Captain.  We’re excited for the fresh energy Suraj can bring to the team. In his role as Vice Captain of the team he has made a promise to inspire more zeal and passion amongst our team. With three days of practice a week, he hopes to achieve more one-on-one time with our players to set up personalized goals that will ensure we can move forward, not only as a team but individually. 


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