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By: Staff - Date: 09/25/2020

We announced earlier this month that our team received permits to have weekday practices and weekend games at our home ground, John Prince Park. We’re currently one of the only two facilities open right now in South Florida. As cricket lovers, the past few months without regular practices and games were a bit tough. We’d like to encourage any player or fan of the game to come out, watch or participate in the fun! As mentioned, our homeground is located in the beautiful and scenic John Prince Park, 2700 6th Avenue Lake Worth, FL. It’s right across from the dog park, you can’t miss it!


We’re also offering membership to anyone who might be a player for another club but don’t have access to a facility for practice. For $60 a year ($5 a month) you can join us for practice at the facility and be involved in numerous club activities. Our club has utilized this facility since the 1970s and everyone is welcomed to apply for membership. Please note, the initiation process includes being listed on the team’s insurance and signing liability and waiver forms. This ensures you, the club and the park are protected in the event of any injuries.


Additionally, we are in the middle of our recruitment drive. Players are being recruited for what we anticipate to be a first-quarter 2020 restart to season competition. We expect to field at least 2 teams and if things go well and we see an influx of talent at try-outs we might even consider fielding 3 teams. This will allow us to participate in all three leagues in South Florida. If you would like to become a player for our team, our committee is presently accepting player applications.


Palm Beach Titans prides itself on being extremely diverse in everything that we do. In addition to season competitions, we participate in exhibition games, tours (countrywide & internationally). There are lots of opportunities for anyone who wants to be a cricket player. We welcome players of all backgrounds and age. We place a special emphasis on youth development. We have seasoned veteran players and ex-internationals. If you’re looking for a great group to share your love of cricket with, we’re the team for you. Contact our President, Paul Ramkissoon, at Paul@titanscricketclub.com or (561) 502-1367


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