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Our new Captain and Vice Captain areā€¦.
By: Staff - Date: 09/25/2020

As mentioned in our last e-blast, we promised to announce our new Captain and Vice Captain in our upcoming newsletter. Drum roll, please! We’re happy to have Andre ‘The Giant’ Fraser returning to the role of skipper. He secured 14 out of the 25 votes that were cast. Congratulations and we look forward to you taking us forward as our on-field general!


In the position of Vice Captain is Suraj Karusala, who did well in gathering 11 votes. We’re very pleased with the outcome of the election because we now have two very talented and respected all-rounders to take us forward. Since we don’t currently have a season on the horizon, the main focus of our leaders will be practices and team building. Shortly after our captains were announced, we had a chance to chat with both Andre and Suraj. Keep on reading for their thoughts on everything.

Andre - Skipper


Right off the bat, Andre expressed his eagerness to lead the team to victory at the next championship. “It’s been sometime since we last won a championship and the team really deserves it.” When asked about his plan for the team he shared that one of his goals is to work on strengthening the team’s weaknesses in the fielding department. Team members will be pushed to ensure practice sessions are not missed. Over the past 4 years of playing with the Palm Beach Titans, Andre has come to think of his team members as family. His straightforward and encouraging approach is sure to amp the team up to strive for more! Want to know  a bit more about Andre? Look out for our upcoming newsletter!


Suraj - Vice Captain


Bringing pure talent and thirst for the trophy is Suraj. In his role as Vice Captain of the team he has made a promise to inspire more zeal and passion amongst our team. With three days of practice a week, he hopes to achieve more one on one time with our players to set up personalized goals that will ensure we can move forward, not only as a team but individually. Suraj brings many years of experience on the field and is very appreciative of the committee giving young talent a chance to lead the team

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