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A Close Match Ends In A Loss For The Titans
By: Staff - Date: 03/12/2020

Our match against Tropics United took place on Sunday,  March 1st and it was truly a beautiful day. Cool conditions and perfect for cricket! Titans won the toss and elected to bat and the game was off to a terrific start. We were already at 85 - 1 at the halfway point of the game. At the end of our batting, we had a score of 190. In retrospect, we should’ve buckled down and gone the extra mile to secure 30-40 more runs to put us ahead by 220-240 runs. At last, Tropics United took their place to bat and our opening bowlers were excited to show them what our team was made of. Minor disappointments came when our bowlers were not able to take out some key wickets, including that of star player, Gavin Wallace from Tropics United. He is a former first class player for Jamaica and during our game, he went on to give us a special performance of his skills. He made 102 runs off of 57 balls, which we have to admit is pretty impressive. We truly believe had it not been for his innings, we could’ve won this match. Despite Gavin’s impressive performance, we applaud the incredible effort and skill shown by our team for their bowling attack because we took Tropics United all the way to their 28th over before they were declared the winners. It was truly a competitive game.

This match signified our 3rd loss for the season which puts us at 1-3 at this point. Our goal for the remainder of the season is to finish it off at a 500 mark, which means to end on 3 wins and 3 losses. In our next match against South Shore Cricket Club, we figure we’ll be the favorite to win so we’re pretty confident going into this match and our last match will be against Ambassador Cricket Club, another team we feel like we’re on even footing with. We’re aiming to get into the playoffs and see where it goes from there. We thank our fans for their continuous support and love they show to our team and we couldn’t be prouder of our players. Good job everyone!

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