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Rain, questionable umpiring raises eyebrows of the Palm Beach Titans
By: Staff - Date: 02/20/2020

An unexpected schedule change from the league resulted in The Palm Beach Titans going into a match with perennial finalists - Lauderhill Jammers at our home ground last weekend. Playing against the top two teams of the past decade, the new additions to our team and the return of an old skipper has definitely made this a very interesting start to the season.

It was a very competitive game and our team was really looking forward to a fair match. However, there were some interruptions due to rain and questionable umpiring.  The game was off to a late start at 11:15 am when the Lauderhill jammers won the toss and elected to bat. After the Jammers completed their 30 overs, our team was up to bat! But the rain had other plans. There was a rain interruption at approximately the 4 over mark in our innings, then there was another at approximately the 7 over mark in our innings and then another interruption at the 14 over mark in our innings. After which, the umpires called off the game at 3:48pm. We’d like to point out that the rain stopped at 4:05 pm and there is a 4:30 cut off time for matches. There were also other critical penalties that seem to have been overlooked by the umpires and we were not presented with DL revisions. Our team felt very disenfranchised because we were not given the target information that would’ve been crucial to our approach at the crease and for us to figure out how to win. That said, we are not sure that the behavior was deliberate as we hold both umpires in high regard. Our committee members are currently pushing to have the scores and other incidences reviewed by the league executives.

All in all we are very proud of the effort made by our players despite everything and we feel proud to know we can hold our own against the best in the league. Even though Paul (team captain) couldn’t be at the game due to a family emergency, he came early enough to wish everyone well and distribute the new team uniforms. Vice captain Atif did a good job of leading the team despite the last minute changes. We play Port St. Lucie CC in Port St. Lucie this weekend and we’re pretty excited! It’ll be the first match of the season we’re on equal footing with our competition.


For some sunshine on a rainy day our players rocked their new team uniforms!

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